Thursday, October 23, 2008

Taking Charge

So, adding new things to my diet and learning to cook a bit more are just parts of a larger trend of trying to be more aware of my decisions. I'd like to spend more money at the grocery store and less money at various restaurants each night (lunch is not going anywhere, my taco truck tacos hold my life together). I'd like to be able to say that because of that transition I have been able to put some money aside even, in the Savings Account that I, like a big girl, have the ability (or so I've heard) to create. FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY, I say! Which at least temporarily means no $200 Burberry flats.

I have already mentioned being more organized and this applies to both work AND home. Frankly this whole blog topic idea came from the fact that I had to do my own taxes this year and that essentially, I did not do everything "on time".

And I'm also trying to become more of a minimalist - transitioning from someone that can certainly rationalize having like 10 pie tins of different sizes, to the person that says, I don't fucking make pie.

Generally speaking I want to try harder at everything. That's why tonight Jon and I got so far in Rock Band the game that we were inducted into the Hall of Fame and then we saw the credits roll (which typically means you have BEAT THE GAME).

I'm just saying...It's not a bad place to start.