Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My Other Car is a Taco Truck

I had $1.00 tacos for lunch for about the gazillionth day in a row today. They are too delicious and I am as yet unable to resist the temptation of the of the taco truck as it rounds the corner towards our neighboring parking lot.
It took me awhile to get the schedule down. I saw the truck parked across the way at another business park and I drove over there one day to try and beat the rush. Just as I pulled up the truck started to drive away.

I pulled up next to him so that our driver's side windows were facing and he and I could have a quick chat.

I signaled for him to roll down his window...

Hey Homeboy, A Donde Vas?

He told me that he was going to the Wal Mart office building just around the way as he does everyday at Noon. We made a plan to rendezvous in two minutes time which we did and it was lovely.

He kindly placed my order and asked if I wanted mild or hot salsa, and trying not to look like a total poser, I said "wellll, is the hot really really hot?"

and he said "Pues....ees like a heet and run" (translation: Well...its like a hit and run)

Pleased with his analogy I replied "Cool. Hook it up with the hit and run".

Ever since that enchanted meeting, I have received nothing but exquisite service. Occasionally, if it is slow, they will even spread a thin layer of beef, salsa, cilantro and white onions on the floor of their serving truck for me to splash around in. The little corn tortillas form delicious lily pads and while I bathe in the cilantro I splash salsa on my face...it is invigorating.

These tacos are so good that every trip to Ruddy's (yeah, I'm pretty sure its a spelling error on their part, but I give them the benefit of the doubt) is pure decadence at $5.00 a meal. It is like a vacation to Mexico all in itself. Pronounced MEH-HEE-KO. If you said "MECKS-ICK-O" in your brain, go back to the beginning and re-read until you get it right.