Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Cavaliers: Realized.

We sort of had a religious experience this weekend.

On Saturday morning, just after our weekly breakfast at a place we call JDB (I always have the eggs benedict and Jon always has the John Daly omelet). We planned on running a few errands and heading back home for an exciting day of football. It was a Saturday like any other.

And then we decided to pick up a video game while we were out.

Not just any video game: WE BOUGHT ROCKBAND. We already have a PlayStation 3 and so for the low price of $170 we BOUGHT ROCKBAND.


For those of you (mom) who don't know what RockBand is, it is a video game that comes with a drum kit, a guitar controller and a microphone and the object is to ROCK THE HOUSE AS HARD AS YOU POSSIBLY CAN. Jon plays the guitar. I am lead vocals. FINALLY THE SENTENCE I HAVE SO LONGED TO SAY: Together we are The Cavaliers.

And yes, we are able to create our own looks, and lord help me if this doesn't almost feel real.

We sing all over the country and have already rocked hard enough to win a tour bus, roadies, cash money, and hundreds of thousands of fans.

I challenge anyone that is reading this, no matter where you are on the planet to a motherfucking BATTLE OF THE BANDS BABY!