Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bobby Flay is my Homeboy

I have decided to be a more adventurous eater and I've also decided that it is time that I learn how to make more than (Kraft) macaroni and cheese. The jam making experience was evidence that turning on the stove top and mixing is not too hard after all.

Although there are of course set backs, just like in life- Tonight I messed up the rice for about the fourth time. And yet it always seems so simple. I also cannot seem to master the art of the cookie.

Likewise it's hard to order something that you wouldn't normally order at a restaurant when you are hungry and thinking about having something you know will be delicious. For example once when I was feeling "adventurous" I ordered seared ahi tuna and I did not realize that the fish would be practically flopping around on my plate it was so rare. I typically try to avoid "rare". But I have gone from ordering steak well-done to ordering it medium well. That's something isn't it?

I really have Bobby Flay to thank because I have watched more Throw Down in the past year than any other show. When I watch it I get the feeling that eggplant parmigiana might not be so bad and that I could very well get down with some chili.