Saturday, October 25, 2008

A matter of morality and mortality.

This morning after Jon had taken the dogs outside he came back in and told me about how the neighbor's cats, two of them, were outside together and they were tormenting what could have been either a big mouse or a somewhat cute rat. The mouse-rat was on top of a hedge and the cats had essentially set up a stake-out under this very same hedge in an effort to say "You can run but you can't hide, Sucka".

Interesting, I thought. And then I completely moved on with my day.

When we got home from dinner tonight we walked by the hedge outside our house and there was a rat on top of it and both of the neighbor's cats had it pinned just as Jon had described 8 hours earlier.

He felt compelled to help the little creature out. He says that he was thinking:
I don't think I can handle letting this rat die right now- he is sitting on this bush like this furry-living creature about to die.


So when Jon asked me to run inside to grab a towel so that he could throw it on top of the rat (can this story possibly be real) so that he could take it to the front yard and into safety, I said Fuck Yeah I think you should do it. Save this vulnerable creature's life. And I am about 98% certain that that was the wine talking.

But when he went to grab the towel the disgusting creature was nowhere to be found. It was dark out, we couldn't see anything at all below the top of the hedge or beyond it so all we could do was point and aim the flash of my camera under it and hope it would show that THE RAT was still alive. And I don't know...At first I didn't see anything...But then I got to thinking I could see the rat in the middle right of this photo...