Sunday, August 3, 2008

This is Seriously the Last Time I'll Mention It

But I'll be damned if there weren't two egg yolks in the egg we used to cook Chicken Parm the other night. Seriously if we were in some ancient civilization that believed in the luck that is associated with the double yolk egg I would be taking over right now.

In other news I decided that it was time we bought our Cat a collar and tag. He had one for awhile but managed to maneuver it off during one of his many outings among the other street cats in the hood. We decided it was high time he got a collar when a neighbor asked what the deal with "that orange stray cat" was. His name is Cap (Which is a stupid ass name and I wish we would have thought that through. To soften the lameness, sometimes I just call him CAT), and we got him at the SFPCA where he was called Nelson. I can still remember picking "Nelson" up- He was a skiddish and weird cat and we adopted him, partly because we thought no one else would. The geeky Asian American kid that showed him to us was noticeably excited when we said "Nelson will fit right in, In our house." Probably because he feared the same: No one would adopt the weird kid.

He meows ALL THE TIME and I'll go ahead and take the blame for that right now... I might be nice if he could express himself?

Oh no sir, it is not nice.

Anyways. So I bought his punk ass a collar and tag but as I have mentioned before the ability to Follow Directions is not a skill that I was necessarily born with. Somehow before I realized that I had made a decision, the pet tag kiosk was printing a dog's tag instead of a cat's. The difference? It is huge.

He is sort of like the Flavor Flav of cats. It would be totally cute except every few minutes he will wander over to the water bowl or his food dish and the tag will clang up against it- a noise he is not used to. He starts to think perhaps that which used to feed and nourish him is now out to get him. He goes without the nutrients. Should he start to lose weight and become disoriented, I will remove the collar.

Until then. That Orange Stray is claimed.

Finally, There is a community garden in the complex that we live in and whenever Jon and I go on a nighttime walk we go through it. There are a lot of roses, herbs and flowers and you might be surprised how many people grow artichokes. (Some young punk grew "the funny stuff" in there, but I'm not sure how long it lasted.)