Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Everything I know About Eggs with Two Yolks

More than anything else, people who happen upon my website by Keyword are searching for something to do with a celebrity. (Which I don't even talk about that much, unless what I am talking about is FACT- and if it is true and said celebrity comes out several days later and admits she has a problem then all is forgiven). If readers don't get here by googling "Gandolfini" odds are they are wondering what the hell is up with their double yolk egg!! Exactly how normal is it to find a yolk with two eggs? What are the odds? Is it good luck? Some of the searches include:

Odds of finding twin yolks
Odds of two yolks in one egg
Cultures who consider double egg yolk good luck
Odds of two yolk egg
Schumanator+two yolks (My personal favorite)
Two yolks in one egg + good luck
What are the odds of an egg having two yolks
Young hen lay egg with no yolk

So, since the internet is clearly lacking in double yolk egg information websites I thought I would do my internet-ery service and provide the information that I have, which is more than I had when I found BOTH of my double yolk eggs in my lunch salad.

I read somewhere online that the odds of an egg having two yolks are 1 in 1,000. Which doesn't exactly make eating one more special. Its sort of like winning the reverse lottery.

Pat says, "When young hens begin to lay eggs they are small and called "pullet eggs". As the hens grow, their eggs from their first laying season often have more than one yolk (or nucleus) as they are most fertile when they are young. As they get older, they lay eggs with only one yolk and gradually, they no longer lay one egg a day. There is nothing wrong with multiple yolks: if fertilized, they would lead to twins, etc."

Nothing wrong except it forces you to think about how at one time those eggs you were eating were destined to be CHICKENS- and one is okay- one, we are used to, society allows us to overlook the fact that we are aborting chickens, but when there are two....IIIII don't know, it starts to get kind of....icky.