Friday, April 18, 2008

It's no yolk

When I was eating my salad from the salad bar in the building I work in I noticed that one of the 2 hard boiled eggs I got had two yolks.
Twins! I said
But then one of the ladies I was sitting with said,
"They get a lot of double yolk eggs. It's kind of weird."
"That is weird" I said.

We continued on with our conversations about genetics and earthquakes, work and kidney transplants.

Then I open the other egg and it had TWO FREAKIN YOLKS. Now I'm really freaked. So when I got back to my desk I Googled "egg 2 yolks". Do you know what the odds of an egg having two yolks are? One in a thousand. And 2 is not the maximum, there have been reports of get this...9 YOLKS in one egg.

Some cultures consider this good luck but the Schumanator culture has to beg to differ.