Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not Gossip

I really like reading interviews with recognizable people, celebrities you might say, but I don't enjoy celebrity gossip (For example, Do I care if Jennifer Lopez spent a bunch of money on chandeliers for her new twins?).
The following is not gossip. It is fact. And it is a fact that I think that you will be very surprised by.
My dear friend Courtney worked at Creative Artists Agency in LA for a year. During that time celebrity sitings became common place because a ton of actors and actresses have "people" there or whatever. She has mentioned seeing a lot of famous people that I'm afraid I would be unable to keep my cool around. From the list of people below, guess which one was the biggest bitch. Go on. You know you want to....

1. Robert Redford
2. Eva Longoria
3. Gwyneth Paltrow
4. Drew Berrymore
5. Cameron Diaz
6. Tom Cruise
7. Jamie Lee Curtis
8. Queen Latifah
9. Katie Holmes
10. Oprah
11. James Gandolfini
12. Jimmy Fallon
13. Sarah Jessica Parker
14. Natalie Portman
15. Jennifer Aniston

I bet you didn't guess.
Process of elimination:
You know its not Queen Latifah because she keeps it extra real with the U.N.I.T.Y
Couldn't possibly be Sarah Jessica Parker because she does not roll like that.
Eva Longoria, just cause its not, but apparently she wasn't too friendly either.
You know its not James Gandolfini, Tom Cruise or Robert Redford or I would have used a term other than Bitch.
Its not Jimmy Fallon- He bought Court a cup of joe
Natalie Portman- Too short, no one would take her seriously
Oprah: Has "people" that throw fits for her. 5 of them.

Do you give up?

JAMIE LEE CURTIS. Jamie Lee Curtis comes in and throws a big ass fit saying "Fucking Hell" and yelling about this and that like a total nut case. Is this the kind of behavior American's look for in children's authors? I think not.

(This is what she looks like right before she loses it...stay low)

So friend, I challenge you once again. Who do you suspect is the biggest biotch/pain in the ass in show biz? Send in your suspicions via Comment and perhaps Courtney will enlighten us with her non-gossip FACToids.