Monday, July 28, 2008

Bloggers You Are Not

Really? 78% of my readers say, flat out, NO- they will never start a blog? These are the results of my last poll. My dear, loyal, bountiful fan base has overwhelming voted that they will never start a blog. I was sitting next to Jon when he cast his vote and it was a solid NO straight away with no hesitation. He just doesn't have a lot of time: "I have a whole lot of nerdy hobbies."

Well let me just say to the 22% of you that said you might: Bully for you! You're a go getter that knows what you want in life and are determined to get it. You realize that it is not about how many people read your blog (although lots read mine) but it is about expression. You do not feel pressure to update daily but rather when the spirit moves you. Congratulations, You're a Winner!

I think I know who I should ask though...Cause you know she would give an unequivocal yes...Is that Bessy freakin' Bad Ass. She would TOTALLY blog it up.