Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Current Events

1. Office pregnancy: A quiet and shy coworker of mine is pregnant and today the news became official. But to be honest we had all been speculating over instant messages for a couple of weeks. When the 'baby bump' was pointed out to me, it became a mission to think of things to say to this pregnant coworker that might lead up to asking if there was a bun in the oven. "Hey, how far along are you...wiiiith the engineering on that website?"

2. Deevo: Jon is in the middle of editing video of his touchscreens for the company website. Every few months I look back on when he was building the first screen that was made out of scraps that literally included my Cover Girl compact mirror. There were some very serious McGuyver moments involved in its construction but it's cool to see how far it's come and exciting to see where it will go...

3. Internet still sucking: This might be new news to you, but my shitty wireless internet FEELS really really old. Both my regular laptop and my Dell Mini have serious issues connecting to the internet: It's either connected for 5 minutes and then needs to be "repaired" or it flat out doesn't work and I steal internet from various neighbors. Or my computer doesn't even remember that it has the capability to connect wireless at all - which is why I am currently hooked up to Ethernet. But then as I think about it, I realize that since I got my first laptop 7 years ago, I've never had a good wireless connection. 5 houses = 65% satisfaction with overall wireless experience. I feel the same way about a sluggish internet connection as I do being stuck in pointless traffic: Unpleasant.

4. Dominoes: Complete...

5. Failing: In the past 6 months I have committed out loud on the blog to drink more water, go to the gym and pack my lunch everyday, respectively. I have failed each of these goals, each in it's own way, but at least I've gone back to the gym this week.

Well... I didn't go today, but one is allowed a day or two off every now and then.