Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Fish Out of Water

I don't drink very much water at all. I am like a cactus, I just evolved to not need it. I guess I also figured that, you know, I drew a lot of water from the 4 Diet Dr Peppers, the plate of steak tacos and the diet peach Snapple that I nurse daily.

I maybe have 3 full glasses of water during the week and that is usually without ice and it is because I have to have something to drink with dinner and I am just plain too lazy to pour anything.

The only time that I really NEED water is after a night of drinking. My body actually wakes me up and says "listen, you know I'd only do this if it was important but dude I need some h20 like right fuckin' now." And that moment always feels the same - like a desert has sprung up in my entire torso and that it is penetrating my soul.

So I know what you're thinking- duh just start drinking more water and I am one step ahead of you. Today I brought one large water bottle and told myself that I would drink the entire thing. And I totally did. Internet high five. But at a certain point drinking it became somewhat laborious and I'll be frank it wasn't nearly as fun as a flavored beverage would have been. But the reasons TO drink water are pretty compelling- so I might just try it again tomorrow (but ask me again in 4 days.)