Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Not a Resolution


Today I joined a gym.

I joined a gym because I would like for some of my pants to fit me again. It is as simple as that. The bonus of being a healthier person is really just a happy byproduct.

This is not my New Years resolution. If it were a New Years resolution I wouldn't even bother mentioning it here because of the inevitable embarrassment I would feel when I slowly but effectively talked myself out of going. Ever again.

No, instead this is a just give it a month kind of resolution. The kind that has loopholes and fine print. The kind that says: hey listen, I'm interested in bettering myself...if it doesn't take too much effort.

So not only did I join a gym today but I also went to the gym today. It's been a long time since I set foot in one - 6 years actually - And that was just a one month stint on a free trial at Bally's. I liked working out, just not enough to pay for it. My first day at Bally's was very much like my first day today, at Planet Fitness - I went for the familiar machines, the tredmil and the bike and both times I went All American on the tredmil and defnitely felt like I was flying afterwards. Not like in the euphoric way, but in the I can't feel my legs kind of way.

Resolved: To take it slow.