Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Home Cookin'

Jon and I are working on being more conscientious consumers. We've finally accepted that one grocery store trip a week is both more time and cost efficient than hitting up the store every single night. It seems like a simple revelation but people I tell you it's a long time coming - It goes against our simple but mutual need to procrastinate. But we make a list and we go to the good grocery store and all in all it is kind of fun.

One grocery trip these days and there is no hour-long discussion about what we'll have for dinner when I get home from work.("I don't know, what do you want?")

As it turns out, planning ahead and buying good ingredients can lead to even more delicious meals. Like deep dish pizza:

And homemade Chicken cordon bleu - tenderized chicken breast wrapped around slices of ham and swiss cheese, then covered in Panko. Pan fried for a hot second and then baked at about 325 for 20 minutes or so...steamed zucchini and summer squash and PERFECT rice (a-roni)...

As for my work lunches - where I was previously stepping out each day at noon to purchase some delicious deli sandwich or a plate full of delicious taco truck tacos I am now holding down a home packed lunch.

I'm embracing what you might call a "tapas approach".

It's not that I am opposed to having large meals, its just that I am opposed to preparing them. And I've never really loved leftovers so my only choice is a small shmorgy of snacks.

So one day I might have some delicious costwold cheese and some water crackers - a side of fruit, preferably a berry of some sort, but green apples and members of the citrus family are welcome as well. Another day I might have a chicken cup 'o noodles and a snickers bar - essentially the idea is that I eat things that I like so that I'm not constantly reminded that packing my lunch completely blows in comparison to buying it.

As of right now I give the new lunch routine 2 more weeks. TOPS.

Unless you have any suggestions?