Sunday, April 5, 2009

April Weekend

Friday was Jon's birthday and we celebrated by going to dinner downtown at a place called MoMo's and then to the Giants/A's baseball game at AT&T Park. Dinner was de'lish but I will say that when we walked up for our 6:00 dinner reservation bouncers outside checked my ID and put a bracelet on my wrist so everyone would know I was of age. At a first glance MoMo's on game night looks a lot like Cancun on spring break: Lots of young, overly groomed white kids drinking too much. And that's cool if you're in to that - but inside there's also a great restaurant with amazing bread and a killer wedge salad. After dinner and a few drinks we walked directly across the street to the ballpark.

My favorite things about baseball games:

1. The way all of the vendors - at least the ones who mean it - adopt a sort of "ball park accent". You could be in New York or Florida and the sales pitch sounds the same "Peaanuts heeyah! ROAS-TED, SAL-TED Peaanuts!"

2. People watching - whether it is the 80 year old ladies marking down each ball, strike and out - or the little kids dancing their hearts out to be on the big screen.

3. The simple yet fun and interactive entertainment on the big screen between innings.

I did very very little on Saturday. Went to bed early, slept over 10 hours. HEAVEN.

Today I woke up sort of early (before 9 at least) and took Lucy to the beach. I'd been thinking about taking her by herself - without Zephyr to see how she would behave. You see, normally we take both of them at the same time. Lucy spends 99.8% of her time hounding us to throw the frisbee. She literally walks so closely beside whoever has the frisbee that she trips them with every step. "Are you going to throw it now? Now? How 'bout now? Now? How about now? Are you going to throw it now? Now? Now? What about now? Can you throw it now? How 'bout now? Now?" The only time she is not doing that she is either fetching the frisbee or - when the frisbee gets put away - she is herding Zephyr, cutting him off and trying to be an alpha dog.

So I took her alone thinking that if I were to put the frisbee away she would explore and who knows, maybe she's a digger and we've just never given her the chance. These are things that I would like to know. But as it turns out when she is alone and the frisbee is put away she does the exact same thing she does when the frisbee is out. Only instead I imagine her thinking "I know its in the backpack. Are you gonna take it out now? How 'bout now? Now? Now? Right now? Come on, what about now? Now? Now? How 'bout now?".

After lunch I got started on one more window cover that matches the one I did before. There was a lot of tracing and exacto-knifing of small details and since I did 4 large stencils every annoyance was quadrupally magnified.

Me: This is either going to be great, or its going to be the fucking shambles.

Jon: Such is life.

Twenty-Six really does something to a guy.

We had a lovely dinner at Joanna's house this evening where we chatted and enjoyed the company of Mr Cutie Liam and hung out outside because the weather was so nice.

All in all a set of days wrought with April perfection.

Oh but it were a three day weekend...

PS. How cute is this wrapping job on Jon Boy's present??