Sunday, March 15, 2009

Laundry and Craft

Jon and I went to Pat's house this weekend and set our personal record for the amount of laundry we brought this time. We tried to weigh the bag, but it was about 300 times the size of the scale. We can say for certain that it was at least 50 pounds but I am willing to bet that it was more like 70.

Amidst all of the laundering Jon and I took walks around the pond and tried to drain Lucy of any energy she might have (a lofty goal). It was cold, but sunny...I took a few photos while we strolled. Spring must be near...

Also, with the help and expertise of Jon and Pat, I finally finished fixing up the chairs that I bought at the Salvation Army. Ten bucks each but a lifetime of enjoyment to be sure. It didn't get done as quickly as I originally projected, but dammit they're done and I LOVE them.

Another project I've been meaning to share: We have a round window at the top of the staircase that allows all neighbors in front of our place to see directly into our bedroom and bathroom. For awhile we had a piece of tacky fabric up in front of the window, but I was inspired by this project in Ready Made Magazine and made my own stencil and film cut-out.

Anyways - I drove back home today with Zephyr while Jon stayed in Auburn with Lucy so that he can work tomorrow. Big day for him: He's checking out and approving the final Multi-Touch Screen. He gets to bring one home and I'll put a video up in a few days. It's always strange when he spends the night away - I usually end up sleeping on the couch, making poor dinner decisions and watching chick flicks until my eyes glaze over and blur. It's about as attractive as it sounds.