Thursday, August 28, 2008

Why I Will NOT Miss My Dog

Today felt like the last day of school before Summer break. It is sunny and hot and tomorrow I am leaving on my big adventure! What are you supposed to do on the last day of school? Go to the beach of course and so today when I got home I decided to take my dogs to the beach.

If they go nuts when we play out back than they go utterly insane when it is time to get in the car. I really really HATE Lucy in the car. I have to take them one at a time out of the house so once it was Lucy's turn she of course flipped her shit. We went outside and I knelt down to put the leash on. It got all tangled up and as I knelt there, wrestling with the leash, pissed off that she was being so bad, she headbutted me directly in the upper lip.

We finally got in the car and the fun continued. I tried to keep a positive outlook- it was a nice sunny day, I like to go to the beach. But Lucy makes that all really hard when she is pacing back and forth over Zephyr, pushing against my arm to jump into the front seat and panting in my ear.

We got to the beach and she did was she usually does. She walks between my feet and in front of my legs the entire time until I throw her frisbee. If you hold it up she keeps her eyes directly on it, even if it means cranking her neck all the way up. It is really the only way you can get her to walk right next to you.

We finally got down to the water- Lucy actually LOVES the ocean...or maybe its just the ocean water that she drinks by the gallon.

She gets totally filthy, and before we even head back up the hill the diarrhea ensues.

I decided the poo poo princess could use a little break, so I sat down and just as I looked up a whale popped out of the water and flopped back in. It was awesome- I have gone to this beach a lot and always thought I would see whales or dolphins but never did until today. There were a ton of birds circling overhead and I sat there for 10 minutes watching.

Totally awesome. I looked at the dogs and right then Lucy had the worst diarrhea ever recorded. Although...I don't know, can you call it diarrhea if she's just peeing out of her butt? Because that is what she did, sorry but its true. And at this point what I am dying to do is take Little Miss Anal Leakeage back into my car. She was obviously dehydrated and so I sat down in the shade for a few minutes and gave her some water and hoped that whatever it was that came in like a lion would go out like a lamb.