Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Spandex Wearer

It has been two weeks exactly since I started going to the gym and I have to say that it is going quite well. I know that it's unrealistic to think that I will go everyday, but I have gone most days after work. I'll tell you right now the main motivation is the hour of TV time that I can log in while milling the tread and riding the bike. If I get off of work early enough I can flip between Ellen and Seinfeld - a perfect mix of entertainment. When I leave work a little later I bone up on my Travel Channel and my Food Network.

I sincerely doubt the novelty will ever wear out. Jogging...indoors....while watching tv...sweating profusely. It's all very Back to the Futureish. Like as soon as I leave, my sweaty t-shirt will blow dry itself as my hover board idles outside.

I only pay $10 a month (a seriously good deal) so I really shouldn't complain. But since I have a blog and I enjoy the sound of my own fingers typing, I will complain just a tiny bit:

First of all, there really isn't anywhere to change. I don't know if they think I want to just strip down in front of all the other unfit, non-resolution having ladies, or if other people utilize the bathroom stalls? Today I tried using the shower stall and I kept stepping in puddles of water - something about that totally grossed me out.

Secondly it appears as though I am destined to run into parents from the preschool I worked at for the rest of my life because my gym, like everywhere else in this god forsaken town, has at least one as a member. And I'm just going to say that it is a parent I would have paid money to never see again.

Next, the catch phrase for Planet Fitness is The Judgment Free Zone, but I absolutely judge other people that are working out and I just resent the fact that they assume that I don't.

And lastly, and most importantly, the gym is literally just around the corner from the best burrito place that I have found since I moved here. And that's just fucking cruel dude.

At any rate. You'll be glad to know that despite the uncomfortable changing situation, the total weirdo of a parent that I never wanted to see again and the extra 3 burritos I am eating a week - I'm still going to stick with it. Mostly because I want to be able to watch some of my shows, but also because, you know, it's been two weeks ~ And I'm feeling good.