Wednesday, August 13, 2008


1. A very big congratulations to my friend Emily and her now FIANCE Billy. They got engaged this weekend and will be married probably this time next Summer. To you I say Congratulations, Felicitaciones, and Mazel Tav!

2. This last Monday was my Roo's birthday-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROO! Your butt is as firm as it ever was. Go 'head girlfriend!

3. I was babysitting for a certain family for awhile, and it wasn't the family so much as the dedication of my personal time that annoyed me. Since starting to babysit for them I got a "nine to five" (shit) and now my free time is much more valuable to me. One day I completely forgot that I was supposed to babysit for this family- seriously, I planned on it for over a month and when the day came I was totally bored all day thinking I didn't have anything to do at all but totally loving it.
The next time I was supposed to babysit for them I just really didn't want to. I was tired from work and so I asked a mutual friend to cover for me. Since that weekend I have not heard from this family, I assume they thought I was totally over babysitting for them. Which I am...But I feel bad! SO today when the mom walked right by me in an empty aisle at Whole Foods attempting to look preoccupied I decided there was no other option than to ignore her right back. Because if I hadn't my weaker side would have said Oh I haven't heard from you- really, feel free to call me! Which is like the second to last thing I want to do....Right before mathematics.

4. I was talking to Jon about my website and about how I can "get the word out". Seriously people, I love all eleven of you but you ain't payin' my bills. We got on the subject of "Twittering" and he had this to say: "Dude, Shakespeare himself could be on Twitter saying 'I just washed my balls and now I'm going to the supermarket' and it wouldn't matter if people didn't know about it."

5. Please take a look at the BEST YouTube video ever...Bubb Rubb and Lil Sis- (It's all about that WOO WOO)

6. One of you is Google searching "fuck ya Schumanator" like everyday to get here and I thank you for it.

7. Zephyr ate a lot more goat cheese than is advisable last night after we accidentally left it out on the table. I think it is clear at this point that he is a fan of cheese.