Monday, June 23, 2008

In The News

1. Jamie Lee Curtis "comes clean" about her addiction to pain killers. And that she used to QUOTE Anesthetize herself nearly everyday. END QUOTE. Which is intense. But my what interesting timing, do you think she happened upon this article and knew it was time for a change? Methinks yes.

2. Scientists mapped the genome of a duck-billed platypus, an animal that split from other mammals 166 million years ago. The duck-billed platypus is interesting evolutionarily speaking because it has characteristics of birds, reptiles AND mammals. And can I just say that I TOTALLY CALLED THIS. One day in my physical anthropology class my professor mentioned something about a "missing link". I suggested the duck-billed platypus and was woefully denied my moment in the sun.

3. Amy Winehouse has Emphysema. What the fuck? I will believe it when I see the x-ray. Homegirl is just trying to pretend like she didn't get caught in a crack house again, on video again, smoking crack again and making racial slurs to the tune of Head Shoulders Knees and Toes.
Does she not remind you of Fran Drescher's cracked out foster sister?

4. They totally found ice on Mars. I have been trying for like an hour to say something cool about this but essentially the one line is all I need. Its there, we know it. NASA is stoked.

5. Fires have erupted all over Northern California proving once and for all that it is hell.

6. Last night at the US Olympic Trials, gymnast Shayla Worley nailed the most perfect "pancake drop" anyone on this planet has ever seen. Seriously people have been going on and on about how perfect it was. Please see video evidence at 19 seconds.

7. The Schumanator learned how to add YouTube Videos to The Blog. BOOYAH!

8. Zephyr, the best dog in the world ate a whole triangular block of cheese. And it was really aged cheddar and it was somewhat hard. He tore through the plastic bag ever so quietly in the middle of the night devoured that cheese. He apparently was not a fan of the fontina.