Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And I Just Think Thats Really Weird

About a month and a half ago (July 15), we had some layoffs at our work. It came as a surprise to everyone, but no one was quite as surprised as one of the account managers that was let go. I do genuinely feel bad that he lost his job, but his behavior after the fact has just been...sad? weird? bitter? You decide...

So we use AIM at work and this person was still signing on all of the time after being let go. Not so strange...Except he was leaving status messages that were very obviously directed at my coworkers and my bosses.

The first one said: Back from the funeral. Still looking for work.

The second: From chaos is opportunity born...MUCH better opportunities. YAY

The third: LOOK OUT!! The 15th is coming!

The fourth: Looking at a multiple offer situation...

The fifth (and perhaps the most harsh): 40% salary increase- Self explanatory. Company with solid funding- Self explanatory. Manager that knows what they're doing? PRICELESS

The sixth (which clearly came after someone finally confronted him on #5): I'm SUPER excited about my new job.

The seventh (as though he was not trying to attract attention): What.

The Eight: Relaxing on my time off before my exciting new job!

I am just baffled by this sequence of expression- what 35 year old man taunts former colleagues via AOL Instant Messenger status messages?

Jon said it pretty well when he said: Dude, we are passed the age of "how old are you?" some people are just crazy.