Tuesday, August 26, 2008

People and Their Dogs

Today when I got home from work the dogs went nuts as they usually do. When they get to play at the same time they bark and are just in general, bad neighbors. I hate this but it only lasts about 15 seconds and then they are way too focused on their own toys to be distracted by anything else. Lucy has her frisbee which she is very very intense about and Zephyr fetches a tennis ball until he gets distracted by dragonflies and looking for those damn keys...

So today after Lucy had only caught the frisbee twice and while the Z man was still trying to cope with so much excitement one of our slightly strange neighbors came out with her "puggle" in tow and asked if they could "join us". I of course had to says, but her dog is so annoying that both Lucy AND Zephyr got super irritated. Lucy because this little terror kept threatening to ruin a good frisbee toss and Zephyr because he has a phobia of small dogs. And this woman went on and on and on without even caring or noticing. I almost took the dogs inside, but then I thought that maybe, if I played my cards right she would make me dinner tonight. Or at least hook a sister up with some leftovers..so I hung around awhile longer.

She started talking about how her dog has separation anxiety, BAD. That he demolished her mothers house. That she borrowed a bike buggy from a neighbor and before the got down the block her dog had finagled out of the harness and unzipped the zipper? And my personal favorite, that asking him not to bark is like asking children not to yell.

And I, Miss 'I am going to cry when I drop the dogs off on Friday' felt like I needed to say Jesus Christ lady, this is just a dog, cut the imaginary cord.