Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sit Ons

I think that the opposite of being laid off must be to be sat on. And since it is opposite day I am inclined to say that a handful of people at my work did not get sat on today.

Yes its true. (No longer opposite day). I got in to work this morning and only 4 people had arrived. It was only a few minutes before I realized that two of those four people had just been laid off, they were upset, totally surprised and cleaning out their desks. At first I thought that maybe it was something that they had done, perhaps they were having a secret affair, or maybe they weren't performing up to company standards. Then someone told me that a bunch of our sales people were laid off as well, and even the president of the company, and also the last person hired that just didn't have a chance to prove herself.

Obviously this is not ideal, I really do like my job a lot. In fact, my whole last entry- you know, about killing time at work. That was all bullshit. I have ZERO time to waste at work, seriously. Work work work. That's all I do.

We all got emails from the COO assuring us that if we were still there, our jobs were safe and that we could meet her in the conference room with any questions. A lot of people did, a few asked questions but people mostly listened. Everyone left feeling pretty unsure, but in the end we were glad to have our jobs another day.

Stay tuned on that one.