Thursday, June 12, 2008


After a previous post entitled Analytics, my Google Analytics stopped working and my line graphs looked like they were portraying the stock market crash of 1929 more than the Bloganator readership. Apparently there are some rules to this application that I was unaware of.

Rule number one- You do not talk about Google Analytics
Rule number two- You DO NOT talk about Google Analytics

Interestingly enough Jon has recently encouraged me to make an entry about jinxing things. His example was how I jinx myself when I am killing him at tennis (which involves either flexing my muscles in his direction, whistling the theme for Darth Vader's Dark Side, or both). After I do that my game takes a substantial down turn. He was suggesting this topic and I immediately shot him down saying NO SIR. Today I shall blog about the magical abilities of Google Analytics.

The next morning when the application ceased to work properly he said, See. You jinxed it.
So I said, Dude
A. You don't even read the blog
and 2. What are you? Some sort of preppy soothsayer informing the world of the potential jinxes that are constantly within an inch of ruining our WHOLE LIVES? And am I jinxing your ability to do so RIGHT AT THIS VERY MOMENT?

Stay tuned.

Moving right along,- in reference to the last entry entitled Mr. Clean my dear, sweet mother sent this note:

I insist you put this response comment from me on your blog. God dammit, you know good and well I tried forever to get you to clean your room. Your friends know that I myself am very clean. You, however, are a P. I. G. pig.

Oh, Mummy You are a delicate Flower.