Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Dear Friend.

I don't know who you are, I don't know your passions, your hopes, your dreams. I don't know what you do for a living or whether or not you like it, if you are in a relationship or if you wear argyle. But I do know a few things about you. And that is thanks to Google Analytics. This helps me track how many people visit my website, but it does a lot more than just count heads- it also tells me where in the world my viewers are and whether or not each view is "unique"(which means when I look at the blog 10 million times in a day, it only counts one).

Right now you're concerned. I don't know that you read my blog faithfully and you think I might think its weird that you are a loyal fan. Fear Not Sweet Citizen. I cannot see your name, your address or even your location other than by city. And furthermore I am GLAD that you are reading! So chill out spaz.
What I can see however is which Keywords people enter to end up on my site. That is, if you were to Google search: Schumanator, you would probably end up seeing my site and if you were to visit it, Google Analytics would list "Schumanator" under the keyword list.

My, what a convenient segway...

I have started a list of the combinations I have had so far (Right side). Some are funny if you know which entries are getting the keywords to come up. For example, someone Googled "'two yolks one egg safe" and that is HILARIOUS to me because this is the post that got them here.

So friend, I challenge you. I challenge you to google the most ridiculous combination of words that you can find on the bloganator and as I find good ones on my analytics site I shall post them to The Keyword List.


The Schumanator

PS. A special thank-you to Jeff Rose who, via Facebook, has helped me realize my stripper name. Fantasia Meadowcocker. And if that is not a keyword I don't know what is.