Monday, June 16, 2008

Choo Choo Tahoe

We went to Tahoe this weekend to stay at Pat's cabin on Lake Donner. I left work early on Friday- at about 1:45, which let me tell you right now was not nearly early enough. Our intention was to "avoid traffic" but I got home around 2:00 and by the time we were all ready and the cat had what he needed and the dogs were going NUTS to get in the car it was 2:30. We pulled out of our apartment complex and of course right then Jon said the dreaded "Shit." Which 9 times out of 10 means that he has forgotten something important.
And he had.
Okay, so 2:45 we're leaving the city and there is already rush hour like traffic. By the time we got to the 80 (thats interstate 80 for you bay area folks that don't use the word THE before your freeways) it was 4:00 and on a Friday that means rush hour traffic everywhere. The drive that took us 2.5 hours to get home took 5 hours on the way up. We were pissed off, tired, sick to death of each other and good and god damn ready to get out of the car. But we made it.

My plan for the weekend was to sit outside, go for walks, get back to nature, take photos for the blog- Really I pictured myself as the sexiest piece of Ansel Adams ass you ever saw. But I ended up taking about 3 pictures the whole time and none of them are of particularly high quality.

The first morning we were there we grabbed a couple of delicious bagel sandwiches at a place called Wild Cherries and in the same parking lot was a pet store/dog groomer. I have been meaning to get LuLu shaved for quite some time- her hair was getting wildly out of control so we dropped in and made an appointment for her later in the afternoon. I was excited to see her, but I can't say I expected this:

I think she looks pretty cute- but its like she is an entirely different breed of dog.

Anyways- we spent a lot of time with Jon's nephew, Liam. He was there with his mom Joanna (Jon's sister) and her husband Phil. He is very cute and although he is just 20 months old he has quite an extensive vocabulary including:
Thank you
All Aboard!
Choo Choo

The last one was a big favorite of the weekend and by the last day Jon was adding Choo Choo to the beginning of everything he said, such as: Choo Choo Doggy, Choo Choo bath time, Choo Choo boat ride etc. One day at lunch Liam was charming our attractive female waitresses and Jon deemed him Choo Choo Suave.

It was a fun trip filled with tons of sunshine and fresh air and we can't wait to go back for another long weekend sometime.
But not anytime soon...I love Jon very much but we shan't be getting back in the car together for some years to come.

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