Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mr. Clean

I never shared a room with anyone before I went away to college and it was so far from my mind that I don't remember even considering what my dorm roommate might be like. It turned out that we got along really well (at least before we got totally sick of each other) and we were fast friends. As I look back on it, some of the things I did may have bothered her in one way or another but frankly I am not programmed to think of others in that way.
1. I started eating a turkey/mayo/onion sandwich like everyday. It took me awhile to realize that our room smelled like onions. Not everyone's favorite spice.
2. I rarely did laundry. Duh, it was like not in our room, what was I supposed to do?
3. I used her good makeup when she was gone. Shhhhh!
4. Actually I used a TON of her stuff while she was gone.

I learned from that experience: Do not share rooms with people, who knows what they are doing with your shit. So after that year I moved in with two new friends and said farewell to my dorm roomie. My new mates and I shared a lot of the things in our house, so that was rarely an issue. But I also don't recall cleaning a SINGLE THING the entire time we lived there and yet our place always looked so clean. I am sure that this pissed someone off, but again I never bothered to ask.

The same roommates and I moved to a house the next year and it was really more of the same. Although I do have vivid memories of Kaylee looking very annoyed as she Swiffer Wet Jet'd the entire square footage of the house I don't recall ever lending a hand. (Mom, stop judging, this is just as much your fault as it is mine).

Oh But Karma. That WHORE karma. She came and bit me square in the ass. I now have only one roommate, a boyfriend roommate and lets just say that he DOES NOT Swiffer Wet Jet the entire house. Nor does he excel at the final step of every project/task/chore/happening: the clean up. He is smart, yes. He is capable of a great many things, yes. He is not sure if his full named is spelled JonathAn or JonathOn, fine. But Clean-Up time presents a certain dilemma that we have concluded is simply insurmountable.

Luckily he makes up for this fact by making messes while working on fun and new projects. Like the aforementioned mirror. Or the big bookshelf that helps keep our house from descending too far into chaos. And of course the multi touch screen computer. You will not believe the mess that has come along with the latest prototype and on the brand new dining room table AND chairs no less.

Whilst writing this entry the Internet must have whispered sweet nothings into his ear because the table is now completely cleared off. So rather than post the photo of how messy it was (which I very hurriedly took while he was upstairs) I will instead post a video of the latest LCD version of the computer for your enjoyment and for his partial redemption.

I said Partial.