Sunday, June 8, 2008

Why I'm Not Allowed in the Kitchen

Jon decided to make a bag of popcorn this evening while we were hanging out. Our popcorn setting hasn't been working properly for a few months and so when the timer went off and not a single kernel had popped, I told Jon to "throw it back in real quick for 2 minutes". He did so and while I went back to my reserved seat on the couch he stayed behind and stared into the microwave.

And all of the sudden it sounded like an IED hit our kitchen- The bag burst open and the ceramic plate inside of the microwave shattered. Jon was lucky he didn't catch a piece of shrapnel. Not only did the plate shatter but it blew the microwave door open and sprayed ceramic all over the floor. MID CYCLE- total radioactive catastrophe.

I feel like there is a 60% chance that I will wake up tomorrow with some sort of super power- like the ability to spontaneously change my body matter to that of melted butter. I could ride on a wave of deliciousness or slide under doorways undetected. Stay tuned for that.

Jon said, and I think he put it very succinctly: Well, now we know that we can tell our kids not to fuck with the microwave.