Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mr Beta Tester

Jon got a new car on Sunday - A Subaru Outback! It's mad cute dude, you'd love it.

Anyway, we got it at this place called AutoWest Mazda Subaru. And these details really are unimportant, except (they're really exciting!!) to say that Jon had to call the dealership to find out what the deal with the spare set of keys was.

Concurrently, he recently became a Beta Tester for Google Voice. Google Voice lets you navigate and manage your voicemail like you would your email. So when he missed a call from the sales guy at the Subaru dealership, he had to listen to the voicemail on his computer.

One cool thing about Google Voice is that it will send you a text message AND an email of the voicemail you just got. But as it turns out the transcription is not always completely accurate.

Here is what the sales guy said:

Hey Jon - It's Ed from AutoWest Mazda Subaru. Guess what? Good news. I got an extra second set of keys man. How 'bout that? So just call me back when you can man, I'll be here til ten oclock tonight and we'll figure out a way - if - you want to come down and get 'em. But I'm gonna hang on to them for you, okay? Alright, talk to you later, bye.

(Sidenote, Ed the sales guy was the Man.)

Here is the transcription of the message via Google Voice:

Hey Jon, It's a buzz on the list modestly will guess what. Good news. I got a signature staticky man about that, so just call me back again. I'm here til 10 o'clock tonight and I will figure out a way to reach you wanna come down or whatever to get them, but I'm gonna hold on to him for you okay. Alright, talk to you later. Bye.

I feel like the Google Voice marketing team needs to advertise the fact that it can also translate all of your voicemail messages in to Jive.