Sunday, June 27, 2010

Recent Acquisitions

Sometimes, I just need a little retail therapy.

What can I say? I'm weak like that.

But when I'm broke, or saving up for a big trip - or both, I try to get the retail satisfaction in small ways. Ikea is great for this; I pick up a couple 49 cent dish towels, three $1 plant pots and a couple of cheap aloe vera plants, and *splurge* a set of 6 glasses for $7. I leave feeling like I just hit it BIG TIME. (Just picture me with a full blue IKEA bag strutting back to my car to the tune of Saturday Night Fever).

I'm also not afraid of the Salvation Army. Actually, the Salvation Army is probably afraid of me. I logged ENDLESS hours of thrift store shopping time in middle school, with Roo, my step mom as an accomplice (slash financier).

She would occasionally pick up a nice wool sweater, or a book, but overall we were at the thrift shops because I loved them - and Lord there were a lot of them in East County San Diego.

I'll have you know that during that time I did not make a single fashionable or "cute" purchase. But damn I felt cool.

Looking back on the photos of those wardrobe decisions = Not that cool. I looked a hot hot mess.

Nowadays, I pick up a random bowl, or a book. Maybe a chair to recover or a vintage bundt pan. I'm always on the lookout for a cool lamp or a great portrait of a stranger. (I have a secret desire to create a portrait wall)

Here are a few recent acquisitions that I've picked up in BudgetTown.

1. A trio of items from Salvation Army. A 50's bowl that is a cute color and well made. A little Anchor Hocking creamer, as Jon boy has started drinking coffee. And a little jug that I will probably put q-tips or crafty goodness in.

2. Set of 6 glasses from Ikea.

3. and 4. Buttons from Grandma.

5. Aloe plants and pots from Ikea.