Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Regarding Southwest and Kevin Smith

For the record, I'm on Team Kevin Smith and if I had been sitting next to him on the plane that he was asked to leave I think I would have said "Dude. That's fucking Kevin Smith. Are you serious? If he gets up, I'LL get up! It'll be Anarchy!" But I'm also a Southwest Rapid Rewards member and I have appreciated their efficiency for the better part of 8 years

I really think the whole situation has been SO poorly handled by Southwest. Because the bottom line is, he could buckle his seat belt and fold down the arm rests and as such, only required one seat. Why are they avoiding that subject? It's sort of like the blog/twitter PR for Southwest is in the hands of a sort of defensive Mean Girl!

Here is what I think they SHOULD have said regarding the Kevin Smith drama....

"We have a strict policy for our passengers' safety that we adhere to. However, if a misjudgment was made by any of our employees regarding the meeting of our safety standards, we offer our most sincerest of apologies. We have reached out to Mr. Smith in an effort to work together to make the Southwest experience a more enjoyable one. We know he has a lot of choices when he flies, so we hope he will continue to fly the friendly skies, with Southwest."

Bam. Problem solved.

You are now free to move about the country.