Tuesday, October 13, 2009

First Rain

Dear California,


One day of rain in the past 300 days and it takes ten times as long to drive five miles?

Shame on you. You know better.

You and your varying climates.

As a native I truly understand the fear that is associated with driving during seasonal precipitation.

But there comes a point when one must swallow their inhibitions and drive over 5 miles per hour on the freeway.

I'm not asking you to speed.

Lord knows I don't want you tailgating me in this kind of weather.

Alls I'm saying is:

If we are all courteous, intelligent and focused drivers, then we ought to be able to operate our vehicles as such without issue. Even when it's a bit wet outside.

I think, together, we can find a way to avoid locked-up parking lot traffic. It's not a tsunami, a broken levee or instant global warming. It's just a little water.

Now go out there, drive safely, and thank god that we don't live in snow.



PS. Avoid hydroplaning at all costs.

Not fun.