Sunday, October 11, 2009


All of the sudden it is six days before my Ais-cation and I am not mentally prepared at all.

But trust me, that was all part of the plan.

Since I was a little kid I've looked forward to fun events, outings and holidays in an intense and obsessive sort of way. The promise of an out-of-the-ordinary and fun event had me counting down on calendars and chatting incessantly about whatever it was that was coming up. These days it's three day weekends, a low-tide beach at a convenient time, and three week adventures to another part of the Earth.

I'm not sure why this is, but I blame the annual Christmas advent calendar for encouraging such behavior.

So focused was I in my youth, that by the time I had five potential itineraries penciled and my entire bag packed, there was still at least eight days between me and the fun. And that is entirely too much time for an idle vacationer's mind to run wild.

In short, my little heart can't take the waiting. So I've instituted a sort of Purposeful Procrastination wherein I do not think of the upcoming event until it is very nearly upon me. And Friends, my Ais-cation is very nearly upon me.

I need visa photos for Cambodia and a seamstress to repair a small tear in the dress that I'll wear to my brother's wedding. I need to think of any possible work scenario that might come up while I'm gone. I should probably do laundry. I also should think about what exactly I want to do in each of places I am going. And how to get there. I should consider learning the basic Hello, Do you speak English? in the various dialects I'll encounter...I should probably return the pair of jeans I bought that would make me look so cool standing on the Great Wall of China. I MUST find a wedding present.

Or should I buy one while in Singapore or Bangkok, where the prices meet my current budget a little better?

Who knows.

But I have a lot of hopes for this trip. I think it will be something both my mom and I will be grateful to have done together. I hope to take a lot of photos of the places we go as the meaningful souvenirs of the adventure. I hope to enjoy my brother's wedding.

And also, I hope to think about what this blog is really all about. Is it funny? Is it crafty? A place to show photos I've taken? Is it just about my life? What I do from day-to-day, the scenarios that come together to make my experiences what they are?

We shall see.