Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Love Letter to Winter Vacation

Dear Winter Vacation,

It's been one week since you left.

I miss you.

I thought that one small weekend might fill the void of your presence but Oh!

How I was wrong.

Work fills the time okay, and busy though I may be, my hours are spent longing for the extended afternoon naps and all day movie marathons that your company provides.

Do you remember, Darling Winter Vacation, when I was in college and our time together seemed endless?

Ah. How the time does fly.

But in the spirit of your memory, of all that is fun and fancy-free; We did do a few things this weekend.

On Friday evening we had a whirlwind tour of the local strip malls on a gift card shopping spree. We had numerous Visa gift cards, and Best Buy gift cards and Nordstrom gift cards and it was time to cash out. So at Best Buy we bought an awesome photo printer (that is also a fax machine, copier, scanner, gps navigation system, x-ray machine, iv pump, among other things) and with that we finally printed out some awesome photos from our Europe trip that I, in turn, used a Visa gift card at Aarons Brothers to frame. Winter Vacation, you would love the shots we chose.

You and your impeccable taste.

On Saturday we went out with Jon's friend Blair and his girlfriend Nicole. We found a restaurant called The House on YELP and met there. The House was cute - very small and unique. The menu was split with land animals and sea food, and the plating was very interesting. Plenty of color and structure. La dee dah. While it was a good choice for the area we were in, I wouldn't necessarily suggest it as your first stop in San Francisco. But if you're a local and you are touring the restaurants, check it out.

Sweet Winter Vacation, though my heart was full with entertainment and company,

I still missed you.

We all headed over to, what is widely accepted as a San Francisco institution:

It's a play of sorts that features pop-culture humor, amazing voices, and outrageous head pieces.

Actors came out singing while wearing costumes of Tina Turner, Hillary Clinton, Palin, McCain, Bill, Barack and Michelle. Also as Glenda the Good Witch, Snow White, Amy Winehouse, Janet Jackson, King Louis XVI, James Brown and more. It was hilarious and fun. We showed up about 5 minutes before it started, although I read beforehand that you should arrive an hour early, we had dinner reservations and we like to live dangerously.

Because of that, we were split up when we sat down and Jon and I sat in two extremely uncomfortable seats up against the wall, and Blair and his girlfriend more or less did the same two rows in front of us. But it was still totally fun and worth seeing as San Francisco residents.

Also, Dear, Sweet, Winter Vacation, Jon got his robot very nearly working.
Since the model number of the robot is Ch3-R, we have decided to call it:


By the time that I write you next I will have a video of Ch3Rlie walking.

Anyways. I love you. I miss you. I wish you were a year-round friend. I will write again soon.

Stay warm.

Love Schumanator.

PS. Don't worry about Spring. I'm not in to chicks, and besides...She makes me sneeze.

Love you.