Thursday, March 26, 2009


Bloggers Block

Loving Microsoft Live Gallery - Stitching.


Shower water pressure has returned to its original state of uselessness. If you can believe that.

I think that I have developed an allergy to my cat and although I do love him this is just another thing on the list of shit he does to bug me.

New Camera

Coca Cola fountain soda from McDonalds, Coca Cola in a can, Coca-Cola fountain soda from anywhere other than McDonalds, Coca Cola in a glass bottle, Coca Cola in a plastic bottle. In that order.

Not sleeping very well, think it's bedroom feng shui...making big plans and being inspired by this website.

Used to, and once blogged about, LOATHING morning radio talk-shows. No longer the case.
Sarah, Vinnie, Hooman, Yuzette, Icky and Jane: Mahalo.

Number of times I have sneezed while writing this: 9

Number of times that cat has meowed at me while writing this: 6 million

Liking Home