Monday, December 22, 2008


I once wrote a blog entry about how my bathtub/shower has the worst pressure of all time. When you take into consideration ALL of the things that completely suck about our bathroom - the worst has always been the water flow. And quite frankly that is saying a lot. In order to take a hot bath I had to turn the hot nozzle all the way on and the cold nozzle ever so slightly less than one fourth of a turn. Not only was it a delicate balance, but the water flowed so slowly that I might as well have sat in the sink.

But something happened friend, and I can't explain it. It almost feels like it crept in - the change that is. There were a few days that I thought the shower felt a little bit better. That is to say that it didn't feel like something was lazily peeing on my head. And then all of the sudden we got AMAZING water pressure. For example, while I used to spend the first ten minutes of a shower trying to just get my hair wet enough for shampoo, I now spend the first ten minutes dancing back and forth in the water stream getting scorched by totally unexpected blasting hot water.

While we used to use a big glass pitcher to help fill up the tub (because filling a bathtub should not be a 4 hour affair), I could now create hydro-power from the cubic inches the water flow covers in one second

I'm really not sure what happened. The maintenance guy I called when we first moved in was useless, I figured we would just have to suffer and I left it (sort of) at that. But we do have relatively new neighbors next door. And I wonder if they had the same problem and somehow they got a competent maintenance man that simply fixed one tiny little knob in one very simple motion.

I like to think that it is a little Christmas Miracle.

And there's also a lesson. If something needs to get done, eventually...Somebody else will do it.