Monday, March 16, 2009

On Second Thought...

You know what? Screw selling the Civic.

No one is willing to pay the premium at which we were willing to sell it and as the process became more and more of a pain in the ass, my mom and I slowly recognized our attachment to the vehicle.

I mean seriously, if a 16 year old kid had written to me and said "I LOVE THAT CAR, I want it, will you take such-and-such amount?? I NEED to drive that Civic home today!!" I would have said "fuck yes we'll take that much, enjoy the car my young friend...treat it well...." But because almost every single person that wrote to me seemed to be a middle aged/middle eastern man (not a judgment on heritage, but just an odd coincidence) and because they all seemed determined to make me an offer that I absolutely could refuse, we've decided to re-think our hasty decision.

In summation, reasons not to sell the Civic at the moment include:

1. First and foremost, this car is like The Gap: Simple, classic and universal. Yeah, maybe it's not the most unique thing on the planet, but what it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in versatility.

2. No matter who responds to the Craigslist ad, I get the sneaking suspicion that they are trying to scam me and quite frankly I think they feel the same way.

3. I already lowered the price from my first ad by $1,000.00. That is a thousand bucks less than Kelly Blue Book recommends for a car in "fair" condition. A fact that I resent even more now that no one jumped at the opportunity of a lifetime.

4. A few people asked if we would take even less than the lowered cost and that is just offensive if I'm being frank. Does emotional value count for nothing, I ask you?

5. One day this car will be the crowning jewel in some car collector's auto-menagerie. Such a classic that the eager collector will not mind that the driver's side door has been stuck shut for half of a century.