Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Saving Time

For about a week now I've been telling myself that I would not blog until I finished the chairs that I am reupholstering - that way I could combine a few of my recent projects into one truly inspirational do-it-yourself fabulousness of a post.

The only problem with that is that I have been totally slacking on the chairs. The day that I bought them I thought I would go home, sand them, paint them, take the seats off and reupholster them ALL IN ONE DAY. This kind of thinking is very very typical in the Schumanator household. It is the crafting equivalent of having your eyes be too big for your stomach.

Anyways - I'm almost done with them - tomorrow will definitely be a post on cute home crafts, but for now I'd like to start a betting pool...

Saturday was daylight savings time and we have managed to change alarm clocks and watches...but the kitchen clock is a different story. We don't use it to wake up and it doesn't help us keep track of the time during the day so why bother changing it? Especially if we are going to have to change it back eventually anyways? Not to mention it is over the sink and that is just sort of difficult to access.

AND SO you may now place your bets on how long you think the kitchen clock will stay one hour behind...But be warned - I have dibs on November 1, 2009 and the surrounding dates.