Friday, January 23, 2009

Out of Commission

Jon and I are at Pat's cabin on Lake Donner and very glad to be here. We got here last night and I keep waiting for the clouds to dump snow, but all we've had is rain so far. Rain and fog. Since I started checking the weather in Truckee for this weekend the Weather Man has changed his mind like 4 times. Sometimes he says it will rain, for awhile it was going just be partly cloudy and the rest of the time, we have been destined for snow. It leads me to believe that the Weather Man is nothing but a witch doctor - a shaman, dancing his rain dance in front of the blue screen.

But Truckee could use some snow.

There have been a few times throughout the day that the sun has crept out from behind the clouds and created the most amazing reflections on the lake.

I turned up the contrast in my Windows Photo Editor and by doing that it almost looks like the rocks are floating at the bottom of this photo. Like a Salvidor Dali painting.