Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snow and The Donner Amsterdam Skype Jam Band

Well it finally started snowing the evening before we left Tahoe. Although we would have loved to have played in the snow the whole time we were there I was glad we got a least a little winter weather. Most of which was experienced on the drive home.

So instead of frolicking in the 'freshy pow pow' we mostly entertained ourselves indoors. Jon worked and I perfected the art of chick flick viewing. I probably also left marks on the sliding glass doors where I kept my nose pressed the entire weekend. At one point Jon had a conference call with his brother Jeff. From what I could tell they'd been talking awhile - and they must have been wrapping it up because I could hear Jeff start to strum his guitar over the computer. They decided to have an impromptu, Donner Lake - Amsterdam, Skype Jam Session. Jon used the banjo that my mom I bought for him - it is probably the third time he has used it. Not because he doesn't like it, but because it has been hiding at the cabin for awhile.

Because of the delay in long distance Skype calls Jon got Jeff's notes about 5 seconds after he hit them. Then Jon played. But because Jon's notes then took another 5 seconds to get back to Jeff...Well, I don't think Jeff heard a thing.

But on our end, (when they caught a good flow), it was pretty sweet...