Monday, December 15, 2008

And that makes Al Gore sad.

When we drove from Auburn to Truckee this last Friday afternoon, we couldn't help but remark to one another how surprising it was that there was not a patch of snow anywhere to be seen. Global Warming Dude - we kept saying to each other. This is how it starts Man.

As I mentioned before, we were outside on Friday evening when the first snowflakes fell. Watching it snow is my most favorite thing to do - Next to arrowhead hunting, that is.

On Saturday morning we woke up to a break in the weather and took the dogs out to run around. I couldn't help but notice my long winter shadow.

It was good that we got a few minutes outside while the sky was blue because from then on it snowed practically the entire time - last night and today (Monday) being the heaviest. Trying to leave this morning was pretty challenging. Aside from the time it took Jon to dig the snow out of the driveway we also needed to do some cleaning so that we could leave the cabin as clean as we found it. In the time it took to clean the storm worsened. It was the first 100 feet of our drive home that made us realize that the car's windshield wipers were frozen solid. All the way up Donner Summit and back down Jon kept his window down and every few seconds he'd reach out and around with the squeegee we brought and he'd wipe down his side of the front windshield.

Once or twice we had to pull over and break the ice off wipers.

I know what you are thinking and the answer is NO. That is not an ideal situation. Especially not when it is white-out conditions. At a few points we thought that it might be safer to just pull over and wait it out. But the Schuman-Rose's are not wussies. And so we persevered.

Once we got to the foot of the mountain we saw that highway patrol had closed the pass - We were lucky to have been able to leave when we did - and thankfully we made it in one piece.