Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Does This Boy Know Me, Or What?

Jon and I planned on celebrating our Christmas together on New Years for two reasons: first of all, I was not in town on the 25th. And secondly because by the time I got home from my trip to San Diego neither one of us had a gift to give. I had ordered his gift, but it did not arrive when I thought it would. By New Years , true to Schuman-Rose form, we collectively decided to push back our Christmas celebration to...sometime this week.

But in that time, Jon considered buying the very thing that I had purchased for him for Christmas. The 'build a hexapod robot kit' , model CH3-R that I purchased from this site. I can say PUBLICLY what my gift to him is because I had to tell him that sometimes Santa is very very busy and has to deliver the really good presents late...But He still knows.

It still hasn't arrived, which is kind of a damper. But since he knew what he was getting (and has already called the company to get information on the product), Jon gave me my gifts tonight.

Insanely thoughtful would be the first words that come to my mind. Because you know how much I wish I had some small treasure from the past, you will of course understand how awesome this was.

There were two small fabric packages that had two coins in them. One of them says that it is "Greek Imperial" from between AD 222 and AD 235. The other one is Roman and is from somewhere between AD 41 and AD 54. There is more information on each one of the coins, but I need to do a little bit more research before I can do them justice with a good explanation (as opposed to saying "Yeah, You know...Claudius.").

I am going to totally enjoy the investigation; I think Jon knew that which is why it is a great gift.

But I'm doubly lucky because Mr. Rose knows that as much as I utterly PINE for ancient, rusty, old archaeological things - I will not sneeze at something that is shiny or sparkly. That would be rude.