Monday, December 8, 2008


Whenever I get blogger's block (which is quite frequently) I still try my best to think of something to write. It's healthy to exercise the brain, you know? So today, rather than regale you with stories of how Big Foot is real or about that one time I stole two balloons - I shall offer up a bit of potpourri:

1. The new Vanity Fair is great and I suggest you pick it up and read not only the Tina Fey article, but the article called "The Man in the Rockefeller Suit". It is truly amazing.

2. I am currently sitting on the couch waiting for delivery ravioli.

3. I made a very small but significant boo-boo on a work project last week and have been kicking myself since - only to realize that the same project this week (its a weekly thing) is also semi-fucked. Making this the first and second time in my life that I have ever made a mistake.

4. Okay, you can't tell but the ravioli was just delivered and I took a brief break from blogging to eat it. It was pretty good but it was no Mario Vitale.

5. Today, a military airplane crashed into the suburban neighborhood that I attended Kindergarten through freshman year of high school in. Actually, in photos of the crash you could see the playing fields at the high school. While it was very real to the people that were there, and sad for everyone, It all felt very Donnie Darko. Did it not?

6. Jon has been flipping through the channels and he has landed on PBS's study of Luciano Pavarotti. He just put the remote down which leads me to believe that he intends to leave it here for awhile. I meanwhile am secretly delighted but won't mention it because then he would definitely change the channel. Not that I give a what about Pavarotti, but I love a good musical documentary.

7. I just spoke with my boss again and confirmed that the thing that was semi-fucked (see #3) is definitely still basically fucked.

8. I am torn by my addiction to E!Online and am willing to hear arguments as to why I should be ashamed of myself for contributing to the tabloids with my readership. This might all be coming to my mind because I watched Britney 4 The Record this weekend and I'll be damned if B didn't have me crying by the end! Seriously, I think she and I could obvy be best friends.

9. Best line of all time in a great work of fiction: "Now come Harry, let us step into the night and seek that flighty temptress, Adventure." Jon likes to say that the only books that I read are Harry Potter. This is only true for the last 2 years of my life and in my own defense several very good books were peppered in between the various times I read the entire Harry Potter series (for example, Eric Clapton's autobiography was quite good). An individual not having interest in reading Harry Potter, in my mind, is akin to attending a secret communist get-together.

10. In the time it took to write this bloggers blocked entry (3 hours), the work issue that was semi-to-perma-fucked is fixed. Praise Jee-zhus!