Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are you on our list??

I pretty much did everything Christmasy that I could think of this weekend. Including my standard: Choosing a tree that is at least twice the size of the tree that would have fit in our living room.

I also actually made a list of presents that we need to purchase for people. Ordinarily I wouldn't dream of being so organized, but when you add my small family to Jon's ever-growing family we end up with like 15 people to (happily) buy for.

It's a blurry photo for a reason obviously. Santa asked me not to share. Those who are close to me insist that I am the ultimate "Peeker" when it comes to Christmas gifts. They say that I stay up until after everyone has gone to bed, that I gingerly slide my finger under the scotch tape and peel back the wrapping to catch a glimpse of my Christmas boon. I resent this and insist that anyone that claims such a thing is simply projecting.

Today was a fun day at the mall, doing my part to help the economy by purchasing a great number of presents for each and every loved one. If she who has the most shopping bags at the mall wins, I am the Michael Phelps of Christmas shopping.

Wrapping is always the best part for me. I have never been very good at art - you know, painting, drawing, making things look pretty, but several years working the mall at Christmas has made me a cracker-jack wrapper. This year I even involved rubber stamps into the mix.

Yeah, I'll wrap your presents. For a fee...