Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snowy and Sammy Update

We got a photo of Snowy and Sammy - the cats that we rescued from our neighbors. While at first they were a little unruly, batting Christmas ornaments off the tree and hissing at the humans in the house, they are now comfortably settling in to their new adopted home.

My cat on the other hand is flying around our house like a bat out of hell as though this were his first ever holiday season. I think the tree is messing with his senses - making him think that he is outside - He has been tearing around the bottom floor of our place, launching my tree skirt in every direction on the hard wood floors. Lucy, our resident nut case is even shocked at this behavior. Normally she would chase him around and engage in a little playtime, but as of late she just looks at him like "Dude. you are so fucking weird"