Sunday, November 9, 2008


This weekend was one of those weekends when I really felt compelled to go out and assist the ailing American economy by purchasing numerous unnecessary items at various large chain stores in my area. A key component to my guilt-free shopping is to include my monthly Petco run in the fun. By the time I have spent $80 on dog food, cat food and kitty litter I already feel like perhaps I should slow the party down.

This weekend it was also time to FINALLY frame the prints that I bought in Europe. I mean, yes, frames and mattes are expensive but this project has been in the works for months and I almost considered the frame purchases akin to buying new vacuum cleaner bags. Not selfish- Downright necessary.

After a few other stops I headed home with my million pounds of animal food and frames and got busy fitting the paintings into them. By the evening I was ready to hang them all up and I had even convinced Jon to help me. He started hammering a few nails in and immediately our next door neighbor banged on the wall back to us. Shit. "Dude, keep going, its 6:00pm on a Saturday, we're not hosting a frat party we're hanging some art." Jon started hammering again - and again the neighbor knocked back on the wall as thought we were prisoners attempting to slyly communicate through the cell wall.

We put the hammering on hold until exactly 1pm today. We thought it would be best if we knocked on the neighbors door to tell them that we would be hammering through our shared paper thin wall, but only 5 nails and we already had the holes planned. I thought that that was a job best suited for Jon. They weren't home, so we hammered away.

Today, Sunday, I went to Target for some further necessities and picked up a cubby organizer to compliment the one that I already have in an attempt to make the Bonus Room in our place a room that we actually want to spend time in. Putting all of my things in their own spaces- my stamps, my paintbrushes, my scissors, thread and glitter felt like opening my own personal stationary shop and it was the most magical and productive part of my weekend.