Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happiness Is...

1. A to-do list full of check marks
2. The most fabulous Halloween costume you can think of
3. Christmas
4. A marathon of any of the following: Sex and the City, Lost, Weeds, Sopranos.
5. Christmas in San Diego (It is always sunny!)
6. A job that you don't mind going to in the morning
7. A quick day at work
8. Breaded chicken
9. Swimming in the ocean
10. Having Summers off and spending the entire time in the sun
11. A multitude of colorful and fun pens to write with
12. A Target shopping spree (particularly on rainy days)
13. Peanut butter m&ms
14. Monta Ellis actually PLAYING for the Warriors
15. Being able to say that someone famous went to your high school(oh shut up you do it too)
16. A long evening by a fireplace
17. Three week vacations to Europe
19. Buying gifts that people love
20. Jam making (and preparing the subsequent labels)
21. Having supportive friends *Hi Court
22. Having flowers and plants that actually grow
23. Warm clean laundry
24. Talking to people with accents
25. TVs in the kitchen
26. Tapas
27. E!Online while at work
28. A good nights sleep
29. List making
30. Hearing what it means to other people...