Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Princess and the Poles

I have not been sleeping well recently and I’m not sure why.

Did you read that article that came out in late August about cows? You know, how they have a distinct tendency to “align their bodies” in a North-South direction? Apparently deer do as well. Scientists don’t really know what this means but they do know that the poles of the Earth have significant magnetic pulls. Some birds and even bats are known to use the magnetic North and South as a veritable GPS system and it helps them during migration. Excuse me while I turn 100% geek and say IS THAT NOT THE MOST INTERESTING THING THAT YOU HAVE EVER HEARD?

Jon and I – within the past 3 months have changed the position of our bed from a North-South facing position to an East-West facing position. Could this be the root of my not sleeping well?

I also read recently that drinking enough water each day increases energy- I am drinking 32 more ounces of water a day than I ever have in my life…Do you think this could cause me to wake up at 5am instead of 8am (or on the weekends, 9am instead of noon?) – Do I have THAT much more energy?

Well it doesn’t feel like it, because when I DON’T wake up before my alarm clock, the animals in my house flock into our bedroom at about 6am. Like, they all wake up and come upstairs into our room just to say, Hey - You guys aren’t up yet? What the fuck?

Lucy paces around the bed with her nails clicking on the hard wood floor. The Z man is so tired he yawns and sighs and then sort of collapses on the pile of Jon’s clothes that never seems to go away. The cat though, the cat is the one that really messes with me, because he started doing this thing where he comes into the room after Jon has gotten up, he meows once and then he makes a bounding LEAP onto the bed and he skims my blanketed body as he flies over me. Occasionally he miscalculates and he will land right on top of me which freaks both of us out.

So anyways, long story short. I’m not sleeping like the youthful 13 year old I once was and while that deeply saddens me, you will be happy to know that rather than just GIVE UP, and get out of bed, I roll around until I am very nearly running late. What can I say? Being consistent is important.