Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Supermarket Sweep

Have I ever mentioned that Jon and I go to the grocery store almost every single evening? Why is this practical you ask? And the answer is that it is 100% NOT practical. There is no rhyme or reason to it although it does fit in with our tendency to procrastinate and mutual inability to plan anything.

To put it in a positive light: It just seems to suit our whimsical ways.

Tonight at Safeway the intercom came on and the manager said:

Attention Safeway employees!
I'm going to need every one of you here to keep on the B.O.B's. Okay?? I need one-hun-dred percent execution on the bobs people, 100% execution on the B.O.B's. Hard work pays off. Okay? So lets do this!

Failure is not an option here at store 33261.

I'm not sure what a B.O.B is, Bringing Outside (carts) Back? I don't know. But his enthusiasm was unparalleled and I found myself wondering if I might want to join the winning team and I daresay I wasn't the only one.