Monday, September 29, 2008


I've got a question for the ladies:

Does your man watch football?

I mean does he WATCH football??

See some of you might think he does- after all he welcomes football season each year by "calling dibs" on that one comfy spot on the couch and watches every home team game like a complete television Nazi.

But your man does not watch football.

Not unless he watches EVERY SINGLE NFL GAME that he can get his eyes on.


The 49ers are playing? NICE! I need to see what's up with J.T. O'Sullivan!!

THE RAVENS PLAY THE STEELERS... tonight??! Our future kids college tuition is riding on this game. Joe Flacco better pull this out...

Raiders play the Chargers? I just think that little Sproles guy is so cute.

Do not even tell me that the Packers are playing the Buccaneers because I will be forced to cancel my Sunday. DIBS!! DIBS DIBS DIBS ON THAT COUCH.

Even if your man does do all of these adorable things...Does he then spend the remaining hours of the week scouting their own personal NFL team by watching every college football game known to man?

Can you whistle the ESPN football theme song?

Do you know what its like to have a boyfriend that is hopelessly in love with Brett Favre?

After countless hours of being subjected to Sports Center do you now feel that they have the best news program on television? Seriously?

Does watching football in your house count as credits towards watching TLC's What Not to Wear?

Did your man buy you an NFL jersey for Christmas?

Did you kind of want it....?